The nature + tech Balance

Let’s focus our attention on the biggest chunk of the human population, currently estimated at two billion globally: Gen Z. This is the demographic where individualism is of utmost priority. Not necessarily to a point of selfishness, but to a highly self-aware individualist.

And while this generation is growing up in a split between two worlds — the ever-evolving fast-paced digital world and the stress-induced everyday routines — they couldn’t care less about separating the two. This generation has now dictated a culture of balance between tech life and real life. This trend is spiritualist but crosses out religion and opens up for the wellness of the mind and body, and even going beyond materialistic ideations.

This global trend celebrates nature, anything organic, and most especially the connection to self. It is visible to these from byHumankind with their upcoming beauty products’ sustainable packaging designs:

How minimal can you go? Where design blends with wellness as seen in this Google ad:

Does your brand need to appeal to this rising trend? Does your packaging guidelines need upgrading too?


Hand-drawn got edgier

Last year, it was evident that the flat doodle-like illustrations were a hit. But it seems this hand-drawn style has evolved into an edgier take and its rawness is visible by its uneven and childish strokes.

The boldest brand that has taken this route we’ve seen so far is Nike. From their window display, you can see how the illustration stood out as if a three-year-old made doodles directly on the shirt itself. It has taken the big risk to even almost alter their invaluable swoosh mark. Well, as the brand believes... just do it.

From a corporate giant, we go to a humble artist’s sketch turned into a shirt design and being sold at Bonfire. We can’t deny this trend is going receive likes and hearts from the market. But for how long?

How far do we want to push this trend? Are you ready for the next wave of quirkiness?



Living coral from Pantone® has greeted us early on this year. Now, that we’re gearing towards midway of 2019, and as technology elevates, a new natural-virtual trend is coming out from the masses.

"For generations, fashion dictated color trends across all creative industry; but now, as of 2018, social is totally dominating and dictating what the color trends are,” according to Brenda Milis, Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends for Adobe Stock.

Knowing that this is how the trend is scaling up, it is important for brands to know how their target audience is appealing to or interacting with each other. The visual elements of social media content have become the mainstream and where being creative becomes the natural norm.

Here’s a peek of who’s in control according to Refinery29.

A balance between the earthy tones and the heightened virtual hues is the key.

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