Complementary Reality

Another year, another revolutionary type of reality experience. CR or Complementary Reality will become a new way to experience a computer-generated environment. According to Merehead, CR is a “design that emulates familiar materials to invoke a sense of familiarity and comfort in consumers.” It demonstrates two objects “in skeuomorphism and the other in its digital metaphor” composed together. Think VR, only images are projected directly into the user’s retina, mimicking a richer and more vivid reality.

"Non Stock-Looking" Stock Photos

It's finally time to enthusiastically wave goodbye to awkward and obviously staged stock photos. 2019 warmly welcomes the era of genuine and more personal images that don’t look overly edited, taken either by a smartphone or personal camera.

Animated Logos

Look out for logos with a lot of motion, as animation will influence this field of design. Superb typography and imagery still take the reins in print. But when translated to web design, these logos take on a whole new life and meaning!

Soroka Store /

dashX /

Adventurous Packaging

Bold packaging has confidently taken center stage in the last couple of years and is most likely to peak this 2019. Minimalist design and natural materials are still in vogue nonetheless, but do expect flashy packaging to share the same spotlight.

ohSeven Studio /

To be ahead of the pack, you need to embrace the trends as they come.
Does your design need changing?


3D Illustrations

3D technology, with illustrative creativity, has allowed product advertising to innovate. This shift will cut the use of 360° product photography and use of flat images. With 3D illustration technology, digital product variations are faster and easier to create.

spiilka design buro /

2D and 3D Animations

Whatever floats your boat, be it 2D or 3D, 2019 is still an excellent time to explore these trends. Both offer seamless transitions and action to convey brand message and catch audience attention. 2D and 3D animations are still an obvious go-to for most brands as they guarantee high conversion rates.


Randy Archie /

Nothing says “I know what I’m doing” better than illustrations that are trend-conscious.


Living Coral

Pantone has named 2019’s official color interestingly called “Living Coral”. Aptly so, as it is “evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color”. Described by the color institute as a “coral hue with a golden undertone”, it is more demure than red but just as loud (if not louder) than pink. Nonetheless, it creates a statement in itself or mixed with other brighter or more subdued colors.

Pantone Color Institute /

Andreas von Einseidel /

Color plays a significant role in brand identity.
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